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Real Estate Funding

Full Stack Capital Solutions for Your Real Estate Projects

Royal Bank Pacific offers a diverse range of capital solutions for commercial and residential real estate projects. We serve as a single source of all capital needs with higher leverage and lower average cost of capital.

Our products cover the senior debt, preferred and JV equity capital for all small and complex real estate projects. Leveraging our knowledge and skills developed through various projects over the years, we simply offer the best solutions for realtors and investors borrowing needs.

Our services include financial and business advice, financial options and result-oriented strategies for issues like overseas expansion, CRE management, rebuilding or redeveloping.

Till date, we have funded thousands of multiple projects and pride ourselves for superior customer services. We focus on three key factors – real estate knowledge, customer service and technology to make applying and receiving real estate funding quicker and more reliably.

To conduct a comprehensive project appraisal involves a comprehensive due diligence of the transaction and preparation of a credit appraisal note the process consists of the following stages:

  • Study of promoter background
  • Assessment of business model
  • Legal due diligence
  • Assessment of financial structure
  • Identification of key risks
  • Financial statement analysis
  • Assessment of tax implications
  • Applicability of Central Bank guidelines
  • Credit scores/Security valuation/Sectoral expert
  • Assessment of key terms of the loan

Along with a Legal Due Diligence is also undertaken by our nominated independent legal counsel and CPA team on ground. This process comprises of the following:

  • Identifying the rights and liabilities of various project participants
  • Study of project implementation schedule
  • Adequacy of liquidated damages and penalty payable on non-performance