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Project Finance

Easy Finance For Your Project

Get Expert Advice On Project Advice For All Major Industries

We, at Royal Bank Pacific, provide our customers with financial services for all new projects as well expansion and modernization of existing projects in infrastructure and non-infrastructure.

Our team of seasoned project finance layers provides companies with incisive advice on some of the most complex projects around the world using a single framework loan. The project must be financially, environmentally, technically and economically sound.

We run a global network of lenders, clients, developers and sponsors to deliver funds for a wide range of industry sectors including, transport, telecommunications, social infrastructure, mining, renewable energy, and agriculture to name a few.

Type Of Project Loan

Project Loan without the Right of Recourse

Also known as Absolute Project Loan, this type of project finance includes future repayment of the capital plus interest on the operating benefits of the project. If the project fails to complete or operate, and the borrower hasn’t enough funds to repay the entire loan, the lender has no recourse to the borrower in the project.

Project Loan with the Right of Recourse

The lender requires a third party to provide security and receipt of real guarantee. The lender has recourse to the guarantor if the loan is not duly paid by the borrower.