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Debit Cards

Apply For A Debit Card

Get access to funds anytime and perform secure transactions from anywhere

Royal Bank Pacific Debit Card is designed for our private banking customers. Using this card, our clients can withdraw or deposit cash at ATMs, make cashless payments, transfer instantly by directly debiting their account or make any banking transaction 24/7 through ATMs.

Debit Card Benefits For You

  1. Royal Bank Pacific Private Banking Debit Card is issued free of charge and has no subscription fee.
  2. A debit card is issued within a few minutes, and you can start using it right away.
  3. You can link your account to current accounts, saving accounts and credit card as well.
  4. It enables you to manage your money anytime from anywhere for withdrawals, online cash deposits, balance inquiries, bill payments, etc.
  5. Use your Royal Bank Pacific Debit Card for daily purchases at stores like supermarkets, gas stations, etc.
  6. You can track all your debit card transactions by logging in your Royal Bank Pacific account.
  7. Your Royal Bank Pacific Debit Card offers fast and convenient transactions using a secure contactless technology.
  8. For all your purchases, money transfers and other transactions, the amount is immediately debited to your account. There must be enough balance to complete the transaction.
  9. You can set and alter your own daily limit on the usage of Royal Bank Pacific private banking debit card.
  10. In the case of stolen or lost card, a new debit card is immediately issued free of cost.
  11. To apply for Royal Bank Pacific debit card, eMail your Private Banker to explain your requirements for a customised solution.