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Credit Cards

Apply For A Credit Card

Your Private Banking Credit Card will bring incredible credit access at your fingertips. Your Royal Bank Pacific Private Bank Credit Card will enjoy a global acceptance, means you can use and shop around millions of outlets all over the world using your Visa-approved credit card.

Credit Card Benefits For You

Using your credit card, you will get access to free instant accounting and finance management online solutions and will be able to generate financial statements and reports.

  1. You get the flexibility to determine or alter your monthly credit card limits.
  2. Automated payment solutions to determine your monthly repayments.
  3. It will enable you to withdraw funds and make payments for local as well as international in-store purchases.
  4. As you shop, a secure OTP (one-time PIN) is sent to your phone to validate the purchase. So, you can enjoy a safe shopping with your private banking credit card.
  5. Have the convenience of automatic monthly payment on time, using Royal Bank Pacific automated payment solution.
  6. Free card issuance and replacement in case of lost or stolen credit card.
  7. A dedicated private banker with a 24/7 service suite will always be there to help you.
  8. To apply for Royal Bank Pacific credit card, your Private Banker to explain your requirements for a customised solution.