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Making Payments Using Bitcoin

Accept, store and spend Bitcoin, or turn Bitcoins into the desired currency securely. Royal Bank Pacific offers institutions and individuals the ability to trade the safest digital currency – Bitcoin. Using its intuitive interface, you can easily manage your finances in encrypted digital format.

You can use Royal Bank Pacific Bitcoin system to accept payments from customers anywhere around the globe. You will receive credit for the payments directly to your bank account in your currency, with zero risk or no added charges. You can load desired currency from your Bitcoins and spend them anywhere for shopping or paying bills. Royal Bank Pacific’s digital interface regularly undergoes IT security and financial audits to assure 100% security while accessing digital currency. With unbeatable API-applications, strong servers and a fully-automated system, Royal Bank Pacific can deliver 24/7 bitcoin payment service in a secure environment.

Also, we are backed up by country’s top investors who promise to deliver the best quality services to our clients. We charge no fee for trade payments made using Bitcoins.

Note: Bitcoins Payment Gateway is being configured… check back with us later.